Multi-Photo Posts

We love sharing photos on Spokt. We see recent photos on the hub home when we log in, we see old photos show up in the “Remember This?” and we can even feature photos on our hubs as well.

The top most requested feature we have received is for the ability to upload multiple photos to one post and today you can!

Our development team worked hard to make this as simple as possible. Try it out for yourself in your hubs today, you should find it is just as easy as posting a single photo. If you want to see it in action watch this Demo video:


Here is a screenshot of the new photo posting screen:
UI to upload multiple photos.


Good Feels #13: We Are Family


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Good Feels #12: People Holding onto Man Trying to Commit Suicide


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Good Feels #11: Delivery Love

I love getting packages delivered by the US Mail, UPS, Fedex, etc. Here is someone who started expressing that love to the hard-working delivery men and women.

Delivery Love

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Good Feels #10: 12-year-old Girl Invents Fast Lead Detector


In 2014 the source for drinking water in Flint, Michigan was changed and residents were exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water. A federal state of emergency was declared and residents were instructed to drink bottled water.

Gitanjali Rao heard about these events and invented a lead detecting device at the age of 12. Instead of a several day process to send samples to a lab and get results back, her device detects lead in seconds using carbon molecules.

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Good Feels #9: An elderly man sitting outside of his car door spoon feeding his wife ice cream


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Good Feels #8: Paramedic Heros

An elderly man had a heart attack while shoveling his driveway. Paramedics took him to the hospital, then returned to finish shoveling his driveway for him.

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Good Feels #7: Syrian Refugee Giving Back to Germans

Alex lost everything and fled his home country to arrive in Germany. He doesn’t have much but he feeds people in the street every Sunday.

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Good Feels #6: Volunteer Snow Shoveling Crew


He asked for 10, apparently 65 people showed up to help. We can make a difference with a little effort!


Spokt Recommends: In Their Nature


Brandt Woods is an artist who loved reading the Sunday comics when he was growing up. In Their Nature is a wholesome and funny comic he has created to share that joy with a new generation. He has developed some charming animal characters that explore themes in relationships, technology, animals, and psychology.

He has just launched a kickstarter to raise money for his latest 96 page book.

Back this project now and share the joy with your children and grandchildren.

If you like what you see you might also want to follow In Their Nature on Facebook and Instagram.