Promote Your File Cabinet

Most of Spokt’s users are building a rich family history simply by keeping in touch. They post news and photos and over time a wonderful history is recorded.

There are also people using Spokt to store family history from the past. These are serious genealogists or family historians and it’s great that both types of family history can be recorded on Spokt’s platform.

Today we announce an enhancement that any hub can use but we think will be most used by this second group of more serious historians. You can now promote your File Cabinet to a first class posting type, just like News and Photos.

Promote Your File Cabinet

The steps to make this happen in your hub are:

1. If don’t already have a book called “File Cabinet” create one by adding any existing post to a book called “File Cabinet” or post something new.
2. Visit the “Manage Hub” screen, you’ll see the option to “Make File Cabinet More Prominent” near the bottom.
3. Select “Yes” This will add a “File Cabinet” section to the main navigation for all members.

3 thoughts on “Promote Your File Cabinet”

  1. Nancy Bryant says:

    Thanks for implementing the File Cabinet and making it very accessible. it will be a great place to put some of our basic research. However we would like to save some existing posts in File Cabinet and I don’t see any way to do this. I primarily use y phone to access Spokt. Is it more apparent how to do this if I use my computer or is it only available for new posts? Thanks, Nancy Bryant

    1. Dan says:

      To add a post to the file cabinet you can add posts to the “File Cabinet” book. This feature is not yet available on mobile, you’ll see it on the desktop version.

  2. Robert says:

    You and the team did a great job. Heck, you even found the old files from myfamily and had them up and running. Greatest gift in years. I guess I’d better make the most of this gift and get back out there researching. Well, 11 miles to Mormon Historical Center-1-1/2 hours drive-time from Sherman Oaks to Santa Monica. I might have better luck time traveling than driving? I haven’t been back there in over 15 years. I truly hate dead-stopped traffic. Would any of you drive to spend hours researching in microfilm…do they still/even use that anymore? 😉 Best and God Bless Robert e Lee

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