Measuring Motherhood

Please enjoy the infographic I made to celebrate the work my mother has done for her family. A mother’s contribution to society is immeasurable and yet I have attempted to quantify some of it.

NOTE: The best way I know to honor motherhood is by honoring my own mother. This is a celebration of her life and the impact she has had on my family. This is not meant to act as a comparison to other mothers.

Of course this silly tribute doesn’t scratch the surface of the work she does. The greatest thing she did was teach her children honesty, character, benevolence, and virtue. Thank you Mom!



Have Your Calendar and Print It Too!

We’ve had lots of great feedback about our calendar, and we’re happy to share one more enhancement we’ve made to it: Printing! Don’t get carried away and kill too many trees, but you can now print out your calendar to have a paper copy. First, you will need to open up your large calendar, by clicking “View Calendar” on your Hub Home. When the calendar is open, all you do is press Ctrl + P (or Command + P), and you will be prompted to print the calendar. Click print, and you will have a hard copy of your Hub calendar! You can also use, File -> Print if you are used to doing it that way.

calendar print preview


While we were at it, we also made posts and comment threads print-friendly. If you would like to print a news post, you open up the post you want to print, and click Ctrl/Command + P, just like printing the calendar.

print preview

We hope you enjoy these enhancements as we continue to improve Spokt!


“Other” Calendar Features

We have some other Calendar features you might want to know about! If you would like to see a general tour of our Calendar, you can watch a screencast here.       Edit To edit or delete an event, hover your mouse over the desired event. If you want to edit the event, click on the pencil icon. If you would like to delete the event, click on the trash can icon. other anniversaryTo add an Anniversary for someone not on Spokt, simply click on the Anniversary tab, and when you are prompted to select a user, go to the bottom of the list, and click “other.” You will then be able to manually type in the name(s) you need. other birthday To add a Birthday for someone not on Spokt, you follow the same instructions for adding an Anniversary, but click on the Birthday tab instead!


Connections to the Past: Æbleskivers

When families keep traditions, they make holidays and other occasions more personal and special. One of my favorite family traditions is making æbleskivers on special mornings, like birthdays. Æbleskivers (aebleskiver or ebleskiver in the US) are a Danish breakfast that are like a cross between doughnut holes and pancakes. The recipe was handed down through my family, and it’s always such a treat to make (and eat) them! I’ve made a short video to help explain the unique process of making them. I’ve also included the recipe and a link to the special pan, just in case anyone wants to try their hand at making them.


makes about 3 dozen

Stir together in order:

3 egg yolks
2 heaping TB sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups buttermilk
1 teaspoon soda in 1/4 cup hot water
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking power
1 teaspoon vanilla
Fold in 3 egg whites beaten until fluffy


Warm the Æbleskiver pan to a medium low heat. Once batter is ready, generously grease the pan, and pour batter into each section, and slowly rotate each with a skinny knitting needle (say THAT 3 times fast!) until they are fully cooked. Repeat until all the batter has been used. Top with butter, powdered sugar, jam etc.

If you need a pan you can get here at


Calendar Tour

We are very proud of our calendar, it is beautiful, easy to use, and above all else: simple. We continue to work and improve Spokt to make it a better place for families and other groups of people to keep in touch. Watch our blog for announcments and Like our Facebook page to show your support.

Watch the video below for a tour our newest feature:


A Fine Day for a Calendar

On the internet April 1st is a day full of fake announcements from companies but today we have a real one: Hub Calendars.

We have deployed a simple event calendar which will help families keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and other events.

Watch for a video later this week demonstrating the features or dive right in!

Mini Calendar on Hub Home

Above is what you’ll see on your hub home.


Family-Friendly Comedy Skits

My kids, aged 7 and 5, love watching Studio-C. Studio-C is a sketch comedy show (not unlike SNL), but with clean humor, so the whole family can laugh together. After you’re done catching up on Spokt, I have a few of my favorite sketches for you to watch. Enjoy!



Screencast: Tour of Books

Thanks to Katie, our newest Spokt team member, for her voice on this screencast. Books are how our users organize their posts on

Remember each hub can have any number of books: you can decide what is appropriate for you and your hub. Posts can be included in multiple books simulutaneously.


Spokt Enhancements

Below is a list of enhancements we’ve made to Spokt during the past few weeks.

• The mobile website now uses the full size of larger phones (like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) as well as landscape support.
• Edit your posts and replies on your phone.
• Simplified login screen.

• View books as a list.
• View books in alphabetical order.

Hub Admin
• Filter Member lists and view in order of first name, last name, or date joined.

• Replace Photos:


#TheDress that broke the internet, and how Spokt helped solve it

If you’re on social media, you’ve no doubt heard of #thedress. The debate lit up our feeds like a sparkler in a fireworks factory. The hunger for an answer (and a fix) was monstrous. We, too, were a bit swept up by the craziness. As it turns out, the opportunity arose for us to contribute to a real solution, the bonafide answer to the question of “what”, the “why”, and the “where” behind the entire fiasco. And we couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough!

The “where” was Blackpool, UK. There was a lot of debate early on as to where the actual (original) photo happened, but thanks to the definitive video below, that is no longer in question. There we also get an answer as to what happened, and more importantly why. We’re glad this debate can finally have some real closure, and hope it helps you cope with the reality that sometimes cameras get it wrong, and when they do even our very best friends and most admired family members can be tricked into being wrong too. 😉

Leave your comment below and let us know what colors you see. And while you’re at it, let us know if anything has changed for you since seeing this video!

Copy and paste the link below if you’d like to share this video:

P.S. Keep an eye on the blog for our upcoming #thewatch giveaway announcement next week, where we’ll be doing just what the name implies: giving away a brand new Apple Watch!