iPod Touch Give-away!

We’re giving away an iPod Touch to someone, and that someone could easily be you!

The contest is simple: We want you to write up an honest review of spokt.com and ask your readers to check it out via a link.

Refer as many visitors from your blog or website as possible to increase your chances to win. Every unique visitor referred is counted as an entry. (more below)



  1. Post a blog article (or something similar) about spokt.com: the good, the bad, the beautiful. Whatever you want!
  2. Include a link to your blog or review in the comments (below). We want to read your feedback!
  3. Include a link to spokt.com and link to the contest using the link codes below.
Link to spokt.com:

Visit Spokt.com to to keep in touch with your family privately online.

Link to the contest:

Contest details here: Spokt.com iPod Touch Give-Away!

Possible writing ideas to spark your creativity:

  • How spokt is better/more efficient for keeping in touch with family than other forms (email, other websites, etc.)
  • Your story of how you found out about spokt
  • Something funny/interesting someone posted recently to your hub.

  • We will accept entries for the entire month from 12/17/2009 –01/16/2010.  We’ll use our analytics software to determine the number of unique visitors who arrive at spokt from each participant.
  • After compiling the results we’ll perform the drawing and announce the winner here on our blog on Monday 01/18/2010.
  • We’re limiting this contest to the 50 United States.  We could possibly make an exception if shipping the product directly from the apple online store won’t be an issue.
  • No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Blah blah blah. Everything our lawyers would have us say. Could it be any other way?

Rules for baddies (grounds for disqualification):

  • You may not use spam tactics or cheat in a similar way.
  • You may not deceive or trick people into coming to spokt.  (e.g. You cannot tell people they will see pretty girls — by clicking your link to spokt — and hope to win.)
  • You cannot be named a winner if you are sired by or married to one of the spokt.com founders. Sorry Honey! 🙂
  • Spokt.com was created for families so please keep your posts/review appropriate.  We reserve the right to disqualify anything we wouldn’t want our moms to see.
The link codes were broken until 3:29PM Pacific (dumb quote to smart quote substitution by blogging software)

20 thoughts on “iPod Touch Give-away!”

  1. danhixon says:

    Link to the contest from FaceBook:

    In the “What’s on your mind?” box paste the following then click “Share”:

    It should show up like this:

  2. I’m going to win this thing Danny. Watch the traffic come rolling in.

  3. taylor swift says:


  4. Spokt is awesome – can’t wait to win that iPod!

  5. denise mocanu says:


    i did it yes i did oh yes i did. pwease give me the ipod!!!!! please?

  6. danhixon says:

    Please submit your entries according the rules above.

  7. lizzyj says:

    I like Spokt and posted as much on facebook.

  8. lizzyj says:

    I like Spokt and told all my cubs and their parents about it. It is a great, safe place to keep in touch with family.

    1. danhixon says:

      Thanks for your support lizzyj! We’ll look into having a facebook contest in the future. For now, please join the spokt.com users group on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=379646255651&ref=ts

  9. I would like very much to have a ipod!!!!

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