3 Days Left! (Extended Access)

October 1 UPDATE: We are still taking orders for both the older MyFamily 1.0 (or “Classic MyFamily”) sites, as well as the newer 2.0 sites. So far MyFamily has been kind enough to not revoke our 1.0 access, so we can still migrate any type of MyFamily site for the time being. We don’t yet have a guarantee of when this access will end, so please don’t delay ordering your migration. If we cannot fulfil the migration, we will arrange refunds as needed. Order now at http://spokt.com/mayflower

First things first: if you are looking to migrate your site from MyFamily.com, you still have time! Over the last 2 months we’ve really dialed in our process, and over the last few weeks we’ve maxed out our server capacity so most sites get downloaded in a few hours. Don’t wait — initiate your migration now before it’s too late! We are prepared for partial or full refunds, as appropriate, if we cannot complete the job as advertised.

Now for the good news: Ancestry has granted us an extension to our MyFamily.com 2.0 access. We will have a few weeks after September 30th to download MyFamily 2.0 content.

We are still working with Ancestry on a 1.0 extension so we can finalize existing migration requests and (we hope) even accept the onslaught of additional requests.

What this means is that we have currently prioritized ALL MyFamily.com 1.0 download issues. This means if you contact us about a MyFamily 2.0 issue or even a MyFamily 1.0 issue that doesn’t require access to MyFamily.com to resolve we won’t be able to get to it until after the 30th.

We will be taking orders for both sites until further notice. Again, any sites we are unable to download completely will be eligible for at least partial refunds.

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