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Few things make us happier than when you invite your friends and family members to join you here at Spokt. The invitation process has worked pretty well for years but there are a few pain points. We have been making improvements to how our invitations work and we want to let you know the news.

When you invite someone to Spokt we send them an email message. Sometimes the messages are not delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Last year our developers spent a considerable amount of time improving our message delivery rates and made great progress. Realistically, the delivery rate can probably never reach 100%. If your invitation doesn’t reach the intended recipient you can always click the “Having Trouble?” link next to the unaccepted invitation and deliver the message yourself via text, letter, carrier pigeon, or from your own email account.

Another problem that may occur is that the recipient gets the email but doesn’t “get it.” Maybe they mistakenly think it is junk mail. Maybe they don’t think they don’t have time. Not everybody “gets” Spokt and that’s okay. The best way to help these people accept your invitation to Spokt is to let them know it’s coming. Tell them to look for it so they can be ready to give your Spokt hub a chance.

If your invitee didn’t encounter either of the previous two problems there is one more possible friction point: Sign Up. This isn’t usually a big problem; Historically 80% of people who clicked the invitation link signed up for Spokt. Most of the 20% who did not sign up probably just didn’t want to. However, we know that a small number of people have wanted to sign up but had trouble. Our support team has been able to help those who came looking for help but we hope that the new changes we’ve made to our invitation system will help even more people.

The new invitation system does not send a link and invite the user to sign up, instead a user account is created from the get-go, a username and password are generated and sent to the invitee. They won’t need to sign up, just use their username and password to log in. It’s simpler for them and we hope this will help your Spokt hubs by bringing in more people whose voices are missing from your conversations.

4 thoughts on “Invitation Improvements”

  1. Your new changes can’t help but improve the process. I love the way you are always trying to improve the the way things work!

    Great thanks.

  2. john payne says:

    Thank you for the improvement. Good job.

  3. I like your improved invitation and thinl I will try it. Thanks.

  4. kay harris says:

    Thank you for improving the website.

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