8 Days Left

Three items of note:

1. We have been working to get Ancestry to extend our access to the MyFamily data. We started talks with Ancestry in July and we are quite hopeful that we will be granted an extension to our access. We’ll keep everyone posted.

2. If we are unable to negotiate an extension we will continue to accept orders through September 30th. Most sites can be exported in a few hours, however, we also plan to offer partial refunds for incomplete orders. We will make an announcement regarding this here on the blog in November after we’ve had a reasonable opportunity to import all data that we have downloaded.

3. Our support staff is very busy right now, we’ve doubled our staff in the past weeks but we’re still behind. Until we are able to catch up we’ve decide to close blog comments so we can focus on support. THIS IS NOT PERMANENT. We look forward to the time when we are once again able to engage with your candid feedback on this blog but for the next several weeks we need to be focused on exporting, processing, and importing MyFamily data.

Thank you for your incredible support, and for all of the patience, trust, praise, and word of mouth you’ve lent us. Our community is a much richer place because of all of you!

We read every comment. We will reply when appropriate. Some comments are not shown right away and need to be approved first. We may remove any comment that contains content that is not family-freindly or is off-topic. If your comment would be more appropriate as a support request we ask that you contact support here: http://spokt.com/contact.