Announcing: Spokt Books

We are excited to announce a few enhancements and features we have been preparing for you.

First, the big announcement: Spokt Books! Many of you have been asking for categories and albums, and we have been sagaciously stewing about how we can deliver an experience that satisfies the requests we’ve received, and that also fits well with Spokt’s roadmap.

Categories are a great way to organize content, but they can quickly get out of hand. We wanted to give categories a meaningful name because we want their use to have meaning. As we post news and photos to Spokt we build a family history. We felt the name book held the right amount of weight and tradition for this role. Below is an example of what your Books will look like. This feature is available in all Hubs now.

Screenshot of "Books"

For those of you who migrated your site data from we have preserved the categories and albums which were previously created. You can now find them under the “Books” link on the left nav of your Hub.

When you post a new item to Spokt you can place the post into as many Books as you wish. As you type in the name of a Book it will offer suggestions of existing Book names with a nifty little autocomplete feature:

Place Post Into Books

We are excited for you to be able to use these Books and we have some fun future enhancements planned. We will make incremental updates as we continue to work on other features.


We have given a major overhaul to our Hub Search feature, streamlining both the way Search looks as well as the results we return. No more duplicate results, no more jumbled content. Now you get a beautiful grid of posts that match your query, and finding past content is easier than ever. Give it a try. We think you’ll love it!


We have also changed the way we send out new member invitations that should reduce the number of messages that are bounced and also gives admins more feedback when a message is delivered to a bad address. We’re working hard on this to make things constantly better, and will make more announcements as the invitation process continues to improve.

So what are you waiting for? Go create a new post, add it to a Book, and thumb through a few of your older Books (if you have them) and see some of the fun things you’ve discussed through the years. Oh, and by the way…


89 thoughts on “Announcing: Spokt Books”

  1. Shane says:

    How do I change the name on a Book. I was trying to set them up and now I can’t change the name. Also how can I add photos already on the hub to a book

    1. Bob Martin says:

      To add to Shane’s question, How to I delete a book that has no use or is duplicate?

    2. Dan says:

      Hi Bob, Click the book, in the title you’ll see an “Edit” link. There is a big red “Delete” button on that screen.

  2. Lee Bennett says:

    Thanks for providing us with Books to help us better organize. I see the names of Books are in a very light gray, and I can barely see them. Please use black font color. Also, when posting new content, I see no opportunity to publish to to a particular book.
    Further instruction is needed. Happy New Year!

  3. What happened to the calendar?????

    1. Dan says:

      Hi Jerry, the calendar feature is still in progress. It was much more complicated than we originally thought and we are so sorry for the delay. We don’t have a definite date yet but we should have it soon.

  4. Rick Switzer says:

    Would love to see a calendar so people could post birthdates and anaversaries. Thanks

    1. Dan says:

      Thanks Rick, we’re working on it!

  5. Ron Cox says:

    Thanks so much for adding Books. Now we need a way to put the recent posts to books by editing. I know it’s a lot to ask, but it will make our jobs as admins much easier. Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated.

    1. Michael says:

      I agree; you captured the MyFamily albums and comments – thank you.

      However, we added photos and news post migration and pre-books. I cannot seem to figure out how to get existing, un-booked, items placed into the appropriate books.

      Thank you.

    2. Dan says:

      Hi Michael, you can now add posts to books: use the book icon and click “Add/Remove”

  6. Lee Bennett says:

    Ron is correct. We do need a way to reorganize our recent posts (since into Books. We also need a way to edit book names. I don’t see any way do do either of those things.
    Shouldn’t we be able to go to a posting and choose “Edit”, and then be able to add or edit a book name?

    1. It seems simple to me … click on your book, click on the edit, change the book name, click save. Not sure how more simple they could make that.

      The books do need some sort of sorting though, by name, date, either, both, etc.

      Also, all tags that i had in MyFamily have now created a separate book. This has created a lot of cleanup with 1000 books. That is far better than the 15000 photos all in one pile, but would still be nice to not have to delete all the tags I have created (year, place, names, events, etc.)to get this book count to something more manageable, without some sort of equivelent on Spokt.

  7. Lee Bennett says:

    Why are we limited to just a few html tags in our html snippets? It wouldn’t interfere with anything on the Spokt site.

    1. Dan says:

      Hi Lee, the limited HTML for your safety. We are looking into carefully expanding the HTML feature but will not put our users at risk to unsafe HTML Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

  8. Millie says:

    Thank you for the addition of ‘books’. I’m experimenting and figuring it all out.
    And, now, because I know you’re running out of things to keep yourself busy (that was a joke), here are a couple of things that have come to my attention:
    #1: My peeps aren’t able to ‘edit’ their own postings. As an administrator, I am able to ‘edit’ postings, and thus I was unaware until recently that our members aren’t able to edit their things… least not all things. They are wanting to have complete ‘edit’ capabilities for anything they post.
    #2: We’re really missing our calendar and because of that we’re really missing family birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc.
    Thanks again for all that you have done to save our history and for the improvements/additions to our new home. We really appreciate it.
    And I wish you a very happy and healthy 2015.

  9. Millie says:

    Thank you for the addition of ‘books’. I’m experimenting and figuring it all out.
    And, now, because I know you’re running out of things to keep yourself busy (that was a joke), here are a couple of things that have come to my attention:
    #1: My peeps aren’t able to ‘edit’ their own postings. As an administrator, I am able to ‘edit’ postings, and thus I was unaware until recently that our members aren’t able to edit their things… least not all things. They are wanting to have complete ‘edit’ capabilities for anything they post.
    #2: We’re really missing our calendar and because of that we’re really missing family birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc.
    Thanks again for all that you have done to save our history and for the improvements/additions to our new home. We really appreciate it.
    And I wish you a very happy and healthy 2015.

  10. Roger says:

    First, I want to thank you for all the work you have done to save all of the myfamily sites for us.
    Second, I want to thank you for taking suggestions from site members and acting on them.
    I have a few suggestions but am only going to address one for now. Could you show our Books as you show them above with the book icon and title on the book. Right now one has to click in the icon to see what the book title is.

    1. MollyL says:

      It appears that some browsers display the book icon properly and some don’t. If the book icon doesn’t display, you can’t see the title on the book.

    2. Dan says:

      Hi Molly, we have tested in every browser we could get our hands on and can’t seem to find one that doesn’t display the book graphic. Can you tell me where you see the problem? Browser & Version, Windows or Apple. Thanks!

    3. MollyL says:

      Dan, I sent a screen print via email to a few days ago. The book icon display problem is on a MacBook Pro OS 10.9.5 and the browser is Mozilla Firefox v. 34.0.5 (latest version). Safari displays correctly. Several other people have mentioned this same problem.

      Another problem I have is that the sort order within the books is random, neither chronological descending or ascending. Our books indicate the last post was many years ago, which is not the case. Does anyone else have the sort order problem of posts within books?

    4. John Boggess says:

      MollyL, I found the same seemingly random pattern as you for the order of books today. I added a couple new books, then had trouble finding them again after making changes to other books.

      I also wanted to “change” the title of a book (by adding a “new” book name and removing the “old” name), but midway through updating affected items I had trouble finding the “old” book so I could complete the process.

      With lots of books, we really need alphabetical, oldest, newest and possibly other predictable ordering options.

  11. Larry Czarnik says:

    Thanks guys. Books are a great addition and look forward to editing recent posts to put them in books.
    Have a healthy, prosperous and safe 2015 for you and all your families.
    2015JA05 17:55 Sydney Australia

  12. John Boggess says:

    Thanks for the recent change allowing posts made since the MyFamily migration to be placed in Books!

    With hundreds of Books, many of which contain hundreds of items, I would dearly love to see the following enhancements:

    1. Viewing Preferences. For example, I would prefer to see most recently updated books listed first. I would also like the ability to switch to a “list” view (vs. the current “icon” view) because of the large number of books for our site.

    2. Hierarchy. It would be wonderful to be able to (optionally) click on a “+” to expand a book so that it shows a (partial/full) list of all items in a book, perhaps in order by most recently updated. (Again, preferences for how this book item breakdown is displayed would be wonderful!)

    Congratulations on your wonderful work to-date and best wishes on future enhancements that can get us back closer to the usefulness we had on the MyFamily site.

    1. Dan says:

      Great suggestions John!

  13. Carl Osburn says:

    Let me add my Thanks and Kudos to the site improvement work that the team has been doing.

    I would also like to expand on the importance of adding additional Hierarchical features to the site. Since different posters often use different words or spellings for the same topic, searching for a subject/name will often fail to find all the relevant material; in these instances, browsing a collection of postings or files can be more productive. Browsing can be even more efficient if materials are hierarchically grouped. Thus the ability to add sub-books (and sub-sub-books) in the book category would go a long way in helping users find materials that they seek.

    Two other ways to provide a sub-grouping capability (both of which were included in the MyFamily program) are to: a) provide the ability to attach a file (pdf, jpg, doc, etc) to a reply and b) provide the ability to attach more than one file to a posting. This kind of capability is especially helpful for grouping individually scanned pages in multi-page documents (wills, land records)and multiple photos from a family gathering (weddings, etc)

  14. Shane says:

    Is there a limit on the number of books. I see after 7 pages, it stops and any others are not shown

    1. RJ says:

      Hi Shane,

      Can you please contact support with your question so we can look deeper? Thanks!


  15. Roger says:

    Thanks for the books feature. Like others have suggested I would rather have them in alphabetical order. Otherwise they can be hard to find. Book titles don’t seem to come up using the search feature.
    Also, when I try to “merge” one book into another I get a message that all posts will be merged into “School.” I am not able to change the word “School” to a book that I want to merge into. Or maybe I need more instructions.

    1. Roger says:

      It looks like the “Merge” books feature is now working ok.

  16. IritaC says:

    I like the new feature “Remember This?” However, as an administrator I’m not liking the new ‘see member list’. It’s basically the same as the ‘Member List’ which is located on the left side of the page and you literally have to go through page by page to find a particular member. The difference in the two is with one you could only view 10 pages at a time, the new is 50 pages at a time. With the “show all” feature I could use the old-fashioned ctrl+f to search for particular names. Additionally, with the ‘show all’ feature we could see when members had visited the sites opposed to now only being able to see when they joined.

    Our site is probably more unique than most since we migrated 6 former MyFamily sites into one very large site. Trying to merge the numerous duplications is now much more difficult for me.

    Otherwise …. GREAT JOB and thank you for preserving our former sites!!

    1. Shane says:

      Spokt is doing a great job. There are some good improvements to the site but the listing of the members as opposed to who has been on the site is not one of them. I was checking this list everyday to see who has been on the site so I could give others a little push to come on and enjoy it. Hope the name section can be put back the way it had been.

  17. Debbie says:

    As administrator of our HUB, I’m excited to have all our former stuff accessible again through your BOOKS feature. In an attempt to organize them a bit further, so my members can find past photos, news items, etc. in a manner that is closer to how we had things organized on our site…I’m REALLY desirous of “alphabetized” BOOKS titles, and wonder if this is something that will be addressed in the near future.

    Additionally, I’m wondering if any other sites are experiencing the following problem: As administrator, I’m not having any difficulty posting new material to a BOOK -or- taking items that were posted on our SPOKT site, since our “migration”, into one of the new BOOKS. I’ve learned that my HUB members are not having the same easy experience. They are not able to add a new picture to a BOOK when they post it, nor can they take any of the pictures, that they posted to our site in the last quarter of 2014, and add it to one of the new BOOKS. I’ve experimented with my site members (in real time) as we’ve talked on the phone while simultaneously working on our computers in our SPOKT hub…and the only way I, as administrator, could “fix” any of this for my members, was to change their membership status over to being an administrator too. Only in their capacity of being an administrator were they able to “edit” a past posting or add it to one of our new BOOKS. Additionally, they were only able to post a new picture to a BOOK while being in an administrative status.

    We did this as an experiment only…my members do not want to be in an “administrative” capacity. It seems illogical that only the administrator of a site can place a posting into the new BOOKS feature…every member should be able to do so when they post their material.

    Hopefully, this is just another one of the “growing pains” that you and we are experiencing with the additional of our old MyFamily data into the new BOOKS feature. I eagerly await your response to this, so I can update my Hub members. Everyone is excited, and I don’t want their excitement to turn to frustration.

    Until later…

  18. Don says:

    I have to agree with IritaC about the unfortunate loss of “show all” on the hub home page. We use the listing to see who has logged on in the past sorted by the last logon date. Can you either bring it back or add “sort by Last Logon” to the Member list?

    And can you add a field to members account pages that gives the BD and whether or not they are still living? Also, spouse’s name and marriage date so that when the calendar funtion is working it will show BDs and Wedding Anniversaries? Thanks for responding.

    1. IritaC says:

      Don has a good point about at least adding the last logon date.

      Don, I’m thinking that when they add the calendar that (hopefully) it will already have the dates we had previously marked when we were on MyFamily. Perhaps we’ll just have to wait to see how spokt will present the calendar.

  19. I heartily agree with Don and Erita about the loss of “Show All”, we provide a directory on the Hub which is updated every day by our Registrar and have used this feature to motivate and encourage non participants to visit often and contribute to the content. It was easy to do in its prior format. It will not be so easy with this format.

    1. John Boggess says:

      I, too, would like to see the return of “Show All” for the directory.

    2. IritaC says:

      Actually, IMO, the ‘Joined Date’ is inaccurate/immaterial. It does not accurately reflect a true joined date as many spokt sites were migrated over from MyFamily where some members joined up to 15 years ago.

  20. Roger says:

    I would like to join the others who would like to see the “Show All” back like it was. It also provides a way of knowing that members are “all right” when you are able to see they have signed on to the site. That was something I missed right away yesterday as I check it daily.

    1. larry says:

      Show all was also a great tool in finding those members who are not actually active, such as never having actually logged into spokt, and still need admin help getting on the site!

    2. P Kelly says:

      I would like to see “show all” back as well.

    3. I just invited 14 new members and the prior format would allow me an easy way to monitor if and when they signed in for the first time… so that I could follow up. Now it is laborious to use the manage hub feature to search for them by name…

  21. Melinda says:

    How do I move exisisting photos in my HUB to a book.

    1. Dan says:

      We just posted a screencast to show you and other users all about Books:


  22. larry says:

    I totally agree with DaveI. With this present arrangement we have lost control of the invitation process. Unless there is some new hidden feature we haven’t found, The process has virtually made the process unusable!

    1. I am perplexed that many more administrators are not chagrined by the loss of the “show all” feature. I feel like I have lost the ability to know what is going on with the Hub in terms of member participation on any given day. maybe an explanation by a Spokt representative would help us understand the intent of the change and what if anything that can be done to give admins a tool to replace the prior feature.

    2. IritaC says:

      I am also perplexed at the lack of admin responses regarding the loss of the ‘show all’ feature. The only way we (as admins) can check is by clicking on each members name to see the last log in date for them which is extremely time consuming! My suggestion would be to move the ‘See Member List’ over to the left column below Hub Home, News, Photos, etc., and bring back the ‘Show all’ which is a feature not only useful for admins but other members as well. I’ve had several members who are disgruntled about the ‘show all’ feature not being available.

    3. Shane says:

      Rilke the other administrators, I am at a total loss why this change was made. It is very difficult to see who is visiting the site and to determine how many people need to be invited.this is not a good change

  23. I’m so glad to see Books are available. We’ve used our sites for both staying in touch and Genealogy/Family History. For the latter, Books are a must.
    Three suggestions:
    Books need to be arranged alphabetically (too hard to find a particular book as is);
    List option (vs icon) for viewing of books would be helpful (would make it easier to quickly find a particular book & would help prevent creation of multiple books for same category (eg Smith, John; John Smith; Smith, J.)by making it easier to view all the books available;
    Suggest use of semi-colon vs comma to separate book names when tagging posts (many of our current books use commas (eg Hougham,Moses).

    Thank you!!

  24. Is there anyway to change the cover photo? Is there anyway to find a particular Book? We are pleased to have the books but could they be alphabetized so they are easier to find?

    1. Ken B says:

      Thanks for the suggestions Bill. We’ll take them into consideration!

    2. Ken B says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. We will take a look at implementing your ideas!

  25. Jon Robberson says:

    I posted a new book and put 1 photo in it. I deleted the photo out of the book now I can’t delete the book which I need to because there is already a book with the same title and family group. How can I delete the entire book?

    1. Ken B says:

      To delete the entire book, click on the book you wish to delete. Then click “Edit” next to the book name at the top. Then you will see a red “Delete Book” button. Click that and confirm and the book will be deleted.

      Hope that makes sense!

  26. Ken B says:

    Thanks to EVERYONE for your suggestions and requests. We are aware that the “Last Activity” view of the members is something that you’d like to see return to the member list. We are working on improvements that will give you everything that you loved before about the list, but also have other increased functionality.

    We are constantly working on the site to improve it. We really do appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process as we work to make the very best private family sharing site on the web.

    1. Thank you for the response , Ken, and the willingness to consider our concern about an important capability that is needed if we want to effectively manage our Hubs and keep members interested in visiting them…

    2. IritaC says:

      Thank you, Ken, for reading and responding to our comments/concerns. I believe I can speak for everyone in saying that we are most grateful you and your team were there to preserve our MyFamily sites!! I agree with all the others who have commented about organizing the books and look forward to seeing what trick you will be pulling out of the bag for them. With over 43,000 photo images, not to mention thousands of news, history & filing cabinet items better organization of the books will be greatly appreciated.

  27. The books do need some sort of sorting though, by name, date, either, both, etc.

    Also, all tags that i had in MyFamily have now created a separate book. This has created a lot of cleanup with 1000 books. That is far better than the 15000 photos all in one pile, but would still be nice to not have to delete all the tags I have created (year, place, names, events, etc.)to get this book count to something more manageable, without some sort of equivelent on Spokt.

  28. Kenneth Hall says:

    I’ve been playing around with Books for a few days and I’m beginning to understand better how valuable this feature is going to be. I’ve been creating new more meaningful Books with Chapters and realize what an undertaking this is to go back to previous postings and assign them to Books.
    The one thing I’ve noticed is it appears only the Administrator can go back and create Books on previous postings. Can creating Books be opened up so others can help in creating Books without giving up other Administrator rights?

    1. Dan says:

      The creator of the post can add/remove books in addition to admins.

    2. IritaC says:

      That might not be a good idea, Kenneth. I would ‘assume’ that by allow non-admins have that privilege would also open it up for them to ‘delete’ or move them to different albums as well. I believe if an individual is the one who initially posted the photo they can place it in the appropriate album.

    3. Kenneth Hall says:

      Until just a moment ago I was not aware the person posting could also manage their postings in the Books. With that information it does change my original thought a little. My big concern was getting help in managing a lot of books. Deleting postings at the Book level should not even be an option as it deletes the original posting from the site altogether.

    4. IritaC says:

      Perhaps there’s a trustworthy member who you can make an admin. Before doing so you will have to have a thorough discussion of what you expect from them as an admin. I have another admin who was also an admin on our former sites and fortunately she and I are on the same page.

  29. Kenneth Hall says:

    More questions about managing Books. If a picture is inadvertently added to a book how do you remove it without deleting it entirely from the site? There is a Add/Remove option but when you click on it you only are allowed to Add. I’m pretty certain I deleted one photo entirely from the Family site because I thought I was just deleting it from the Book.
    If the delete feature, when in Books, doesn’t just delete it from the Book then it shouldn’t be an option at that level to avoid those OOPS! moments.
    I’m having some misgivings about trying to instruct my site members on the Books feature until there are clearer procedures otherwise we run the risk of losing postings.

    1. Dan says:

      You can remove it from the book. Click “Add/Remove” then remove that book from the list and click Save.

    2. Kenneth Hall says:

      After a lot of trial and error I finally discovered to REMOVE a picture from a book you have to click on the little ‘x’ next to the name of the book the picture is in. Unlike the Add feature where you do have to physically Add a book the Remove feature is a little more subtle and not immediately obvious to the first time user. The instructions should make a statement about the little ‘x’.

    3. IritaC says:

      I now very well what you mean about those ‘ooops’ moments. I’ve been trying to rid our site of duplicates but …. ‘ooops’, the photo is gone.

    4. Dan says:

      I’d recommend this screen cast we just posted to learn all the ins and outs of Books:

  30. Not sure how practical this is, but it would help to have a list of existing “Book” titles on the site. The problem arises when one has posted an item and is asked to assign it to one or more “Books.” Example: I posted an item about William Sydney Henderson. I assigned it to the name. Later I learned that that there are more than one book, with two different books, one with full name, and another with a middle initial. Just a thought…
    Thanks for all you have done to date!

  31. DuffyJ says:

    As always, I begin with a heartfelt thank you for your monumental efforts to save everyone’s old website material.

    I agree with the posts regarding the Books section, but will withhold further comment until this feature has had a chance to mature. However, I would like to revisit a suggestion I submitted previously. With respect to the indexing of News, Photo, and Video posts, from our perspective, it would be helpful to index the individual posts by “date last modified” instead of “date of origin”. As the system works now, only the 15 most recent (date of origin) posts remain on the front page of the particular tab. Under this indexing scheme, when someone replies to a post that originated in 2001 that post will only remain on each member’s front page until it has been viewed by that member, then it disappears from the front page and returns to its “date of origin” position in the index (unless another member replies). The difficulties arise when a member reviews the most recent reply to a 2001 post, and then wants to post a response at a later time. With the post no longer on the member’s front page, the only way to return to the post is to remember the post name and use the search function. So…if the tabs were re-indexed on “date last modified” the post in question would remain on the front page until it was pushed off by newer post.

    Thanks for your consideration of this matter.

    1. Kenneth Hall says:

      I totally agree with this suggestion. I don’t always reply to a comment immediately and going back and searching for a comment made on a older post is almost impossible.

    2. IritaC says:

      Agreed! I can’t count the number of times members have emailed me looking for a comment posted recently to an older post.

      And of course, I congratulate spokt for all they’ve done and continue to do in the preservation of our sites!!

  32. Tom Naylor says:

    When adding (or deleting one) a book, there should be a drop down list to choose from as there is in the “merge” books function. It will make adding a post to the appropriate books so much easier.

    1. Dan says:

      It would be easier if you have a few books. Some hubs have thousands. We do plan to make this better and we think you’ll like the improvements we implement.

  33. Have a lot to clean up do to the system making books out of every tag I had on Myfamily. Wish they would left tags alone, and just did albums, or if they would have asked or surveyed us or something. Now I have to basically undo all the tag work to make the books of some use. I am glad that the search is much better on Spokt than MF needing the tags less, but still was nice to have a tag feature separate and now a lot of work removing.

    Secondly – it is very difficult to try to remove a group of photos. You have to do it one by one. Also, to simply download a group, same problem. Large need for some batch tools for working a site. Still not at a point where I am comfortable inviting all the members in.

    1. IritaC says:

      You make some good points, William, but you should reconsider inviting all your members back. They may have some suggestions in helping you to do ‘housekeeping’ for your (and their) new family home site. I can truly empathize with you … I merged 6 different MyFamily Sites into 1 spokt hub. As a result, there are 23,688 photos; 15,240 news items, 672 books … and 1,320 members.

      All MyFamily members belonged to each one of those sites. As a result of the migration new invitations were sent out each time a site was migrated … up to a total of 6 invitations for each person. I ended up with over 4,000 members, many duplications, and had to merge those duplicate accounts. As for photos, news, history, filing cabinets items, etc., many of those were also duplicated on our various MyFamily sites despite my requests to only post on the appropriate site. As a result there are many, many duplicated items which now have to be cleaned up.

      Although our site is far from being organized the way I’d like, members are happy to know (and see) all the years of work put into our former MyFamily sites has been successfully migrated over to spokt. There has been a lot of activity and many discussions, especially on items that were posted 10+ years ago. Therefore, you might want to re-think getting members back on board.

  34. Lee Bennett says:

    I’m delighted with the creation of Books and the enhancements made because of member suggestions. But, Books are currently organized by the number of items in them, from large to small. I can see some use of that type of sort, but we have navigation problems in finding books. The search feature brings up both Books and individual postings. We really need a Book sort in alphabetical order. When is that feature coming?

  35. Shane says:

    The books have been on the site for awhile now. Are there any plans in the works to allow the books to be placed in a sensible order so that a member can just click on a book and look at all the entries rather then going through pages of books until they find the one they are looking for. Also some books seem to pop up as duplicates

    1. Arlys LaFehr says:

      We have about 3,000 items in 60 Books on our site, but find that the “search” button works great if you are looking for something specific, such as Hitchens, Denali, or Hawaiian Coot…

  36. Perhaps it would be possible to add the book titles to the great SEARCH facility to make a BOOK easier to find.

    1. IritaC says:

      Or if there was a search feature within ‘books’ would be fantastic. In the interim, alphabetizing them would be a tremendous help.

      And on another note, I’m wondering when will the ‘show all’ feature return so that we (admins) can better monitor who has and who hasn’t visited the site. I’m still waiting to hear something about a fix for that from my original post on this subject over a month ago.

  37. Amen to the fix for tracking member logins by date. I am gradually losing the grasp of which members are starting to lose interest in signing in to the Hub so that I can contact them to see what is the cause of their absence from the Hub….

    1. IritaC says:

      It can be done with the new format HOWEVER we would have to click on each member’s name in order to see when they last logged on, or if they’ve logged on since the migration. That would be a very time-consuming task that I honestly don’t have time to do on a regular basis. The new format is more like an ‘address book’ which might be beneficial to members but it’s not good from an administrative point of view.

  38. Shad says:

    Thumbing through books migrated from My Family and very thankful to the Spokt engineers for making this happen!


  39. I have tried to add new pictures to a book. I finally figured out I could do it by using photos, but then the pictures shows up as an attachment in the book and there is a spokt icon on the front of the item instead of the picture. How do I add another picture to a book.

    1. Katie says:

      Hi, Barbara! Have you checked out our screencast on Books? ( We think this might help!

    2. That didn’t help. I added a picture to an existing book. Here is what it looks like in the book

      Arad’s Marriage Certifcate

      My GG grandparents.
      5 days ago by Barbara Norvell
      Books: Roberts Family

      Avatar for Barbara Norvell
      It shows a link to click on, not the actual picture. It shows the Spokt Logo instead of the picture. It is showing up as an attachment.

    3. The video doesn’t address my problem. Look at this page and you will see what I mean. If I could add an attachment to this reply, I could take a screen shot and show you the problem I am talking about. It is in the Roberts Book.

    4. Katie says:

      Hi, Barbara! Could you contact Support ( That way, we can give you one on one help in resolving this issue. Thanks! 🙂

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