Changing Seasons


The dog days of Summer are upon us, and Fall is fast approaching. They say the only constant in life is change, and that’s never more true than for us here at Spokt. We have a lot of exciting developments in the works and some fun announcements on the horizon. In preparation for all of this and more, we are working to update our proverbial welcome mat a bit by adding some testimonials from a handful of our satisfied customers.

You are quite literally the most important, most incredible part of Spokt. Do you have something you’d like to tell your fellow web wanderers about what makes Spokt special to you and your family? What is your favorite feature of Spokt? What has your Spokt Hub enabled your family to do that you would miss? Has Spokt improved your life, helped strengthen your relationships, or boosted your communication? Tell us all about it in the comments, and we may just feature your testimonial on our soon-to-be-testimonialized homepage!

Now get back to that summer fun. It won’t be here forever!

13 thoughts on “Changing Seasons”

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    Can you please outline What you are doing to improve the functionality of Spokt?

    Whilst preservation of past text and photos is hugely appreciated, I’ve seen little mention of the system itself. Is there somewhere I can learn about, for example, the filing structure and search capability?

    Many thanks

    1. Katie says:

      Hi, Ken! You’ve come to the right place. We announce many of our new updates and functionality improvements on the blog! In the past year, we’ve released two major updates, Books and Calendar. We have also come out with many minor updates, to continually improve We already have a filing structure (Books), where you can organize all your posts. We also have a full text search engine for your hub!

  2. Lee Bennett says:

    I manage 3 family hubs and was so worried about losing all the posts from 15 years with; then Spokt came to the rescue! You were able to retrieve every photo, family news and all comments. We love the random photos from the past that Spokt displays each day. Those generate lots of comments. You’ve also added a calendar feature we can use for life events of family across the country and across the Atlantic!

    Now, I hope for a way to upload family charts and reports to some sort of “file cabinet”, for family to have access to. As a genealogist, If I could upload PDF files, that would be wonderful, too.

    Thanks, Spokt!

    1. Lee speaks for a lot of us. I’m with Lee as to the “random photos” feature. Nice touch. I also agree it would be really neat to be able to use PDF files. And, as Lee also alluded to, SPOKT was the lifeboat that appeared just in time.

    2. Katie says:

      Hi, Mary! We are glad that you have enjoyed using Spokt. You can upload PDF files as an attachment to News posts. 🙂

    3. Katie says:

      Hi Lee! Thanks for your kind words! You can upload PDF files as an attachment to News posts, and you can organize files into a Book (our organizational feature), and that works just as well as File Cabinet. 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    My favorite feature is “remember this?”. It is awesome to take a trip down memory lane and remember what we looked like years ago and to reminisce about what was going on in our life at the time. So glad to have learned about Spokt. Thanks!!

  4. Shauna M says:

    I am one of 10 children and have 38 nieces and nephews just on my side of the family! We do not all live near one another and Spokt is an excellent way to stay connected to my family by reading about the day to day events of my loved ones. It’s a quick, easy, private way to keep my family informed on what is going on in our corner of the world as well.

  5. Larry H says:

    We have been letting Spokt help us keep up with our ever-expanding family from its inception. We love it. And we really love the roll-out of new features from time-to-time. And we also like “Katie,” whomever she is!

  6. David H says:

    I check up on Spokt every day and enjoy the private forum it creates. The “Remember this?” feature is fun but I also like the search function for when I can only recall a part of a post but I don’t remember when it was said. Our family is spread out across five states and I cannot imagine how we would stay in touch without Spokt.

  7. Jamie H. says:

    I love Spokt because it keeps me up to date with all the important things (or sometimes just the everyday things) in my family’s life. My parents, my siblings, and I live scattered across three states. We don’t get to see each other very often, but I check our Spokt family website every day to see pictures of my nieces and nephews, to plan future family trips, or just to check in and see how everyone is doing. We recommend movies to each other, we share memories, we talk about world events. I love my family, and Spokt has made it easy to feel close to them- even when we are hundreds of miles apart.

  8. william says:

    I am very grateful for your saving my myfamily in f2f o, photos, videos, comments, et al. Thank you.

    I have just renewed for my 2nd year and to be honest I have yet to invite all my extended family to the Spokt site yet for a few reasons:

    1) although all their names are attached I assume from their past myfamily participation, i am unclear as to how to invite them in so when they come in they will be attached to those comments. What if they changed email addresses? Some instructions would be useful.
    2) Books are excessive since Spokt made a book based on every tag that existed in myfamily …. I am still purging.
    3) The look and feel of the website … any option planned to allow some personalization? HTML support?
    4) Is their an option to change the site name?

    1. Katie says:

      Hi William! If you check out our new Hub options, you will see that we have answered both 3 & 4 on your list. For your other inquiries, please contact Spokt Support so you can have personalized assistance. 🙂

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