End of 2017

The computer chip maker Intel popularized a pattern of building technology with two alternating phases, the tick and the tock. Technically they deal with clock speeds and die size. In software we sometimes borrow the tick and tock names for new features and stability improvements. 2017 has definitely been a “tock” year – in other words we have focused on improving stability and reliability for you our customers.

We have made general improvements to overall performance and stability, we have achieved improved success rates in Daily Hub Summary Email deliveries, Harbor speed improvements and bug-fixes as well as fixes related to the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers.

We have planed some new features for Spokt. We want to use 2018 to build these new features onto the reliable foundation we currently have. We hope you have a wonderful 2018 and we hope that we can be a small part of making it great for you!

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