Good Feels #1: Athlete Skips Championship to Donate Bone Marrow


Donating bone marrow is a painful sacrifice. 21-year-old Shot put athlete, Camereon Lyle, had signed up to be a bone marrow donor on a whim, but when the call came for him to donate he took it seriously.

“They said I was a possible match. And I admit it was kind of frightening for a few minutes,” Lyle says. “But I had made up my mind when I did the mouth swab and joined the registry that if it happened I would donate. Otherwise, why bother registering?”

Donating marrow is very different from donating blood. Instead of a single day of recovery, it will be weeks before this big strong college athlete will be able to even lift more than 20 pounds. Lyle’s decision to go through with the donation meant he’d need to quit the track team and give up his chance at a championship. He was worried that his coach, Jim Boulanger, would be upset.

“I remember he came into my office, closed the door, and said ‘Coach, we need to talk.’ And then he told me, ‘I’m a bone marrow match,’ ” Boulanger says. “And you know what I told him? Let’s see, 12 throws in Binghamton [host of the conference track and field championship] or save a life? Do it. Donate. Sport is not bigger than life. Sport is a part of life.”

Full Story at the Boston Globe

One thought on “Good Feels #1: Athlete Skips Championship to Donate Bone Marrow”

  1. Cameron Hess says:

    Jesus taught that the greatest demonstration of love is to give one’s life for one’s friends.

    Another strong demonstration of Christ-like love is to endure a painful procedure and forfeit one’s own well being for a season in order to give life to a stranger.

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