iPod Give-Away Update (revised)

We received a question about the iPod update today regarding what is being counted (visits or unique visitors). The contest rules state that each unique visitor is an entry to win. See Contest Details.

I took a shortcut and just used “visitors” when I posted the results I posted on Tuesday. I took the time to pull the unique visitors and here are the true results so far:

Entry Referrals
stackofplates 29%
poppletonfamily 31%
brian-sara 23%
bourgeousfamily 11%
popfam 6%
thinkinaboutnuttin 0%

The percentages above represent number of referrals as well as the chances of winning. Time to email your address book! 🙂

It would just take tens of visitors to take the #1 position. Good luck to all current and future entries!

2 thoughts on “iPod Give-Away Update (revised)”

  1. I have to admit, that seems a bit more realistic. I mean, I’d rather go to my site than stackofplates.

  2. Rachel Hixon says:

    HAHA! Aren’t you just a barrel of laughs.

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