iPod Give-Away Update

We’re a little half-way through and here are the current standings. See Contest Details.

Entry Referrals
stackofplates 74%
poppletonfamily 16%
brian-sara 6%
bourgeousfamily 3%
popfam 1%
thinkinaboutnuttin 0%

The percentages above represent number of referrals as well as the chances of winning.

It would just take a few hundred visits to take the #1 position. Good luck to all current and future entries!

5 thoughts on “iPod Give-Away Update”

  1. Rachel Hixon says:

    man I rock!!!

  2. We don’t all have the entire day to sit and click our own link Rachel.

  3. Congrats Rachel. I’m confident I don’t even know as many people as you have regularly hitting your blog. Second is pretty flattering actually.

  4. OK, I’ve started a second-wave campaign. When do we get another update?

  5. Rachel Hixon says:

    I’m just getting my second wind as well.

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