Outage Notes: 2009-12-08

First of all: We’re very sorry for the outage!

We are back online now.  The outage lasted about 2.5 hours and boy are my arms tired… eyes tired? brain?

We discovered the root cause – a video upload.  The file didn’t actually have a movie inside (“reference movie”) and it caused some terrible havoc.  I’ve implemented a fix for this issue so spokt will be ready to handle it when the next reference movie is uploaded.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to further harden spokt by adding a few new forms of monitoring as well as improved the backup processes.

2 thoughts on “Outage Notes: 2009-12-08”

  1. Jim Williams says:

    I enjoy this site very much being retired. It is getting much easier also. Thank you for adding the Video link that we can share a bit of our fun lives with others. I look forward and for even more improvements.
    Have a Wonderful upcoming Christmas and a Blessed Prosperous New Year


    1. danhixon says:

      Thanks Jim! Merry Christmas to you as well!

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