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I wanted to share an audio file with my family so I added a feature that will let you upload files as attachments to posts. Just click “Add News” to see the new “Attachment” Browse button.

Share audio clips, genealogy files, spreadsheets, zipped archive files… whatever you want. Just keep it legal.


One thought on “Post Attachments”

  1. Wonderful, thank you!

    Is it possible to attach to photo section threads? Often we are discussing a photograph or image, and there is another image that someone wants to share clarifying, or in association with that thread. First effort is to simply attach it in a reply, but if the discussion is taking place under a photo, that isn’t possible. Similarly folks aren’t so thrilled to have to download news photo attachments in order to see them. Is there something I could be doing vis-a-vis HTML coding that would enable this? Thanks!

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