Privacy in Social Networks?

I recently received an email with the following information:

…the top results from Harris Interactive’s survey of over 2,000 social media users.

  • 44% want to create a place where they could only share with their close friends and family.
  • 42% want to be more careful with what they shared online.
  • 36% want more control over who can see what they shared.
  • 25% want to spend less time updating social media accounts.

Check. Check. Check. Check. Sounds right up Spokt’s alley, right? I don’t buy it.

Here’s how this reads to me:

…the top results from Some survey of over 2,000 high school and college-aged girls:

  • 44% want to date a nice guy.
  • 42% want to spend less time hanging out with guys that are jerks.
  • 36% want more controls and curfews put in place to keep them safe.
  • 25% want to think more long-term when choosing who they date.

We know what is good for us but we don’t always do it. That’s life, right?

Sign up for spokt, invite your friends and family: be safe, live healthy.

2 thoughts on “Privacy in Social Networks?”

  1. RSteiniger says:

    This is what Spokt says about privacy:

    Privacy Policy
    SPOKT.COM takes your privacy seriously. We will not sell, trade, or in any other way divulge your information to any third party source unless we notify you first. We are also continually taking precautions to protect your sensitive data.

    Comments from a Administrator:

    (All they have to do is tell us before they sell, trade or divulge information to a third party. So, therefore, they can do that.)

    (I talked to my tech husband and he said since they can sell or trade our information that will make us more vulnerable to spam and viruses on our computer.)
    Does just have boilplate legalize that has to be tightned or are these concerns we should consider before choosing your site?
    Thanks for all you’re hard work addressing all these sudden issues. Still hoping for a fit.

    1. danhixon says:


      I like your passion for privacy! Our passion for privacy was a primary motivator behind creating Spokt but I see how that phrasing can be misconstrued.¬†We don’t have any intentions to breach the privacy we provide. I’m going to bring up this concern with the company leadership in our next meeting later this week. I’ll keep you updated.


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