Spokt Recommends: Cinematic Pop

Have you heard of Cinematic Pop? In their own words, they are

A new genre of music. It is the fusion of sweeping, emotionally-charged classical music you might hear in a film-score, with your favorite rock and pop songs. We take iconic pop/rock songs from the last 40 years and remove all of the electric guitars, amps, and drums. Then we rebuild it with a new framework based on full-orchestra, choir and soloists while preserving the soul of the original song.  When you hear our version, we want you to recall and connect with the original, but also feel like you are hearing with fresh ears for the first time

We’ve been listening to their renditions, and think they are phenomenal. They are a bridge between traditional orchestra music, and the pop music of today, so people with different music tastes can connect with each other. Cinematic Pop gives us a fresh take on songs we know and love, and presents them in a way that makes us want to listen to their version over and over again. If you would like to learn more about Cinematic Pop, you can visit their website here. We’ve provided a few of our favorites below, enjoy!


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