Spokt Recommends: Sky Tripping

Relax with Sky Tripping

We have found a new way to relieve stress in our lives. It’s an app for iOS and Apple TV called Sky Tripping. It features a large library of gorgeous aerial films. The scenes captured are universally appealing–The human brain seems to be hard wired to appreciate the beauty of nature. Coastal views of California, stark deserts, winter wonderlands and red rock formation.

Nature exposure is a powerful weapon against overwhelm. People living near green space report less mental distress than those in urban areas. Hospital patients with window views where grass and trees are visible experience faster recoveries. Students attending schools with green space perform better than those without. Short doses of nature—even images of it—can calm people down and sharpen their performance. In studies from Norway to South Korea, findings are the same: nature is the natural stress-buster.

Get the app and enjoy the beauty. If you are interested in reading more about the science behind how nature relieves stress read Sky Tripping’s blog post: Relieving Stress the Natural Way

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