Update: December 5th

We’ve wanted to give spokt.com users the ability to upload video ever since we first launched.  We’ve always been able to embed youtube videos but where’s the privacy in that?

We were actually dramatically close about 11 months ago but close is no cigar.  We couldn’t seem to provide the quality we wanted with the tools we were using. We switched tools and…

Finally today we are able to announce you can upload your videos to Spokt!  You know that video of the kids in the bath when little Johnny counts to 10 for the first time (but skips the number seven)? You would have to be crazy to upload that to youtube but how to you share that adorable footage with Grandma?  Now you can share it on privately spokt.com!

Adding video is as easy as posting news or a photo – just click the “Add Video” link (or the little green plus sign).  Give your video a title, an optional description and then click “Browse” to find the video file on your computer.  The biggest file you can upload is 500MB and we’ll resize it so it fits on spokt without using up all your hub space.  You can even post to multiple hubs at once, as long as there is room in that hub for your video. Give it a try!

Also in this revision:

  • Performance Enhancements
  • Various Bugfixes Including:
    • Password reset
    • Missing item from unviewed list on Hub Home
    • Notifications
    • Unviewed list issue with IE

What’s Next?

  • Link detection
  • User Profiles
  • and more… (secret)

4 thoughts on “Update: December 5th”

  1. Travis says:

    Your team is doing great, and the video option rocks. Still, I was hoping to see RSS in the what’s next area.

  2. danhixon says:

    Hi Travis – what did you have in mind? We do have an RSS feed of your hub summary here: http://spokt.com/hubs.rss

    I’m not sure we’d attempt a feed of all recent posts by hub … RSS is so linear by nature and the conversations on spokt don’t seem like a good fit for that but we’ll consider it.

  3. Louis Law says:

    I want to know the maximum video space allowable for upload with plan B and plan c purchase I know plan a is 2 GB, right ?

    1. Dan says:

      Family Plan: 2GB
      Extended: 3GB
      Premium: 4GB

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