Your Family Tree Explained

Here is a pretty fun and explanatory video made by CGP Grey to help you figure out who is who in your tangled family tree!  After watching it, tell us the name of your Second Cousin Once Removed in the comments below.  For extra credit, tell us your Great Great Grandmother In-Law’s Grand Aunt.

7 thoughts on “Your Family Tree Explained”

  1. Larry Czarnik says:


    For a moment there I was irritated that you would spend time preparing this! Then I realised it was actually by someone else and frankly you have done the world a great deal of good by sharing this. I’ve had boring explanation as part of my Family Tree maker “book”but this is SO, SO much better. Even the chart at the end (for those times when you have a need for static vs video explanation, is in colour.
    Thanks, thanks and thanks.
    Larry & Colleen
    2015FB13 11:00 Sydney Australia

  2. Irene Cowley says:

    Absolutely wonderful!! Have shared it with some other geneology interested folks.

    BTW, don’t know where to put this but, do you think it possible to ’embolden’ the font on this blog? Your posts and the replies, except where in BOLD, are getting harder for me to read (and I just got new glasses!) but I really want to keep up!


  3. Gabriella Burcher says:

    Cleaver, helpful little video – a little too fast. Thank you

  4. Gene Harrison says:

    My Landes line
    1 Eugene Madison Harrison
    2 F Joseph Madison Harrison M. Anna Marie Grooms
    3 GF John Grooms GM Ann Furr
    4 GGF Charles Wesley Furr GGM Hannah Eife Landes
    5 GGGF George Washington Landes GGGM Harriet Catterbuck
    6 GGGGF Henry Landes GGGGM Elizabeth Baker (Becker)
    7 GGGGGF John Landes GGGGGM Catherine Miller (Muller)

  5. Zola Noble says:

    Great video! My second cousin once-removed, among many others, is Autumn Gentry. Autumn’s mother Kathy is my second cousin. Our mothers, Lois and Shirley are first cousins. There you go. I haven’t researched my in-laws enough to answer the other question. No extra credit for me!

  6. Emma says:

    this si a really cool video. It helped me a lot

    1. Katie says:

      Thanks, Emma! Glad you enjoyed it.

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