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Good Feels #5: Stitching Up a Bus Seat

A resident of Dagestan repaired a seat on her way to wherever she was going. Just a simple act of kindess.

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Good Feels #4: Incorrect License Plate


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Good Feels #3: Texting Heaven


Good Feels #2: What Brothers are For


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Good Feels #1: Athlete Skips Championship to Donate Bone Marrow


Donating bone marrow is a painful sacrifice. 21-year-old Shot put athlete, Camereon Lyle, had signed up to be a bone marrow donor on a whim, but when the call came for him to donate he took it seriously.

“They said I was a possible match. And I admit it was kind of frightening for a few minutes,” Lyle says. “But I had made up my mind when I did the mouth swab and joined the registry that if it happened I would donate. Otherwise, why bother registering?”

Donating marrow is very different from donating blood. Instead of a single day of recovery, it will be weeks before this big strong college athlete will be able to even lift more than 20 pounds. Lyle’s decision to go through with the donation meant he’d need to quit the track team and give up his chance at a championship. He was worried that his coach, Jim Boulanger, would be upset.

“I remember he came into my office, closed the door, and said ‘Coach, we need to talk.’ And then he told me, ‘I’m a bone marrow match,’ ” Boulanger says. “And you know what I told him? Let’s see, 12 throws in Binghamton [host of the conference track and field championship] or save a life? Do it. Donate. Sport is not bigger than life. Sport is a part of life.”

Full Story at the Boston Globe

Scheduled Downtime: Jan 19 and Jan 31

Update 9:45 CT: We’re back online. If reloading/refreshing Spokt still shows you the maintenance screen, please try this to bypass your browser cache.

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Spokt Recommends: Sky Tripping

Relax with Sky Tripping

We have found a new way to relieve stress in our lives. It’s an app for iOS and Apple TV called Sky Tripping. It features a large library of gorgeous aerial films. The scenes captured are universally appealing–The human brain seems to be hard wired to appreciate the beauty of nature. Coastal views of California, stark deserts, winter wonderlands and red rock formation.

Nature exposure is a powerful weapon against overwhelm. People living near green space report less mental distress than those in urban areas. Hospital patients with window views where grass and trees are visible experience faster recoveries. Students attending schools with green space perform better than those without. Short doses of nature—even images of it—can calm people down and sharpen their performance. In studies from Norway to South Korea, findings are the same: nature is the natural stress-buster.

Get the app and enjoy the beauty. If you are interested in reading more about the science behind how nature relieves stress read Sky Tripping’s blog post: Relieving Stress the Natural Way

End of 2017

The computer chip maker Intel popularized a pattern of building technology with two alternating phases, the tick and the tock. Technically they deal with clock speeds and die size. In software we sometimes borrow the tick and tock names for new features and stability improvements. 2017 has definitely been a “tock” year – in other words we have focused on improving stability and reliability for you our customers.

We have made general improvements to overall performance and stability, we have achieved improved success rates in Daily Hub Summary Email deliveries, Harbor speed improvements and bug-fixes as well as fixes related to the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers.

We have planed some new features for Spokt. We want to use 2018 to build these new features onto the reliable foundation we currently have. We hope you have a wonderful 2018 and we hope that we can be a small part of making it great for you!

Late 2016 Update

Just a quick note about some enhancements we’ve made to Spokt:

Larger uploads: You can upload videos up to 2GB and documents up to 500MB.
Better SSL Security – We have improved our SSL configuration for improved security, just remember to visit https://spokt.com for the most secure connection.
We’ve made about 10 other small tweaks, bug fixes and enhancements.

We hope you have a wonderful 2017!

New Features: August 2016

We deployed three new features this weekend and we’re excited to share them with you. We’re focused on continually making Spokt better for you!

Hub Avatars

Hub Avatars – Hub Avatars make it easier than ever to know which Hub you are currently using. Hub avatars also give admins a chance to personalize the group’s identity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 4.22.12 PM

Images provided courtesy of SkyTripping.com
Advanced Search

Advanced Search – We’ve made Spokt’s powerful search even better with advanced options to refine your searches. Can’t find that photo that Julia posted? Advanced search is here to help!

Advanced Search: Search in Books and by User.

Search in Books and by User.
Featured Photo

Featured Photo – In addition to the much loved Remember This? feature, pin a newly uploaded photo, or pull out an oldie from the archives and help everyone reminisce a little more.

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Feature a favorite photo on the Hub Home!